There are many on-line motorcycle forums. The first thing I want to express about them is THIS:

They are full of people with opinions full of themselves. I have been rebuilding carburetors full-time, 365 for 10+ years and done over 1,000. I am STILL learning and I continuously endeavor to speak with my customers and other contacts in a manner which shows that this is my attitude.

What disturbs me more than all the opinions, which frequently are incorrect when it comes to carburetors, is the complete lack of integrity by many who run these forums. What I mean by this is the total lack of supervision when it comes to people mis-representing the truth on these forums. In one case, involving the VN750 forum ( An individual that had his carbs rebuilt here decided to use their forum to misrepresent the truth by falsely claiming that I had refused to “take responsibility” for some issue he perceived was my fault. When I merely responded to his allegations and posted the facts which included communications listed on our public ticket system showing that his story was one-sided and simply untrue, the owner or one of the moderators at VN750 deleted my post (because they don’t allow posting of so-called private “email”) but continuing to allow his defamation of my character and business reputation to remain, unchallenged.

According to Taylor Dunham and Rodriguez LLP, Defamation Attorneys, There are certain slanderous statements that the law considers to be so harmful that there is no requirement that the slandered person actually prove damages; instead, the law will presume the damage. This form of slander is called slander per se and applies to the following types of defamatory statements: (1) accusations that someone has committed a crime; (2) attacks on a person’s professional or business character or standing; (3) allegations that a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease and (4) statements that a person is impotent or want of chastity. In my case, I actually DID PROVE this information was not true, yet the managers at chose to delete my information and continue supporting a false accuser.

I take that kind of one-sided, politically correct censorship quite seriously, especially when it involves false information that impunes my integrity or publicly damages my reputation AND IS INCORRECT INFORMATION TO BEGIN WITH.

What is equally disturbing is the number of groupies that will jump on to a post of this nature, taking the side of the accuser, and cheerleading them on, supporting the accusations without once even asking themselves, IS THERE ANOTHER SIDE?… IS THERE ANY CHANCE THIS ISN’T TRUE?…. WHAT IF IT WERE ME BEING PUBLICLY ASSASSINATED without my knowledge or a chance to tell my side???

This is the NEW America. Where morons, the mentally and morally deficient, rule things. There is no “equal air-time”, no right to face your accuser, no fairness or just process. Just mean, one-sided, accusations that get no rebuttal, allow for no facts or evidence. You can have it. This is why I don’t participate in these forums as a general rule. They might offer some good technical help at times which can be a lifesaver for some but they often are the witch-hunts or public hangings of the dark ages or the wild west. No due process of law. No justice. Just accusations and public punishment simply because someone decided to take their gripes and alleged injury to strangers who are neither involved nor can offer any viable solution.

Just another sign of the demise of the American society…

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