Our Warranty

Our Warranty is simple. It’s called the Golden Rule.

We treat your carbs like they are our own and we treat you the way we would like to be treated.

Some people are big on promises and short on follow-through. I have a 100% satisfaction rating on Ebay with nearly 600 transactions and 20 years (not all carbs) but this indicates what kind of person you are dealing with.

We intend to make things right to YOUR SATISFACTION if there is any way possible. We go the extra mile even when it is clearly not our problem or there is serious question about what your real problem is. Having said that, we like for our customers to also apply the Golden Rule when dealing with us. (Read: Don’t mistake our kindness for stupidity or exploitability)

Out of 1k plus rebuilt carb customers to date we have only had less than 5 that we couldn’t satisfy.  One, (even after rebuilding his carbs 3 total times.) We paid to ship his carbs back the 2nd and 3rd time and he still insisted that the problem was the carbs. Finally we obtained an independent examination (at our cost) by a 35+ year expert who instructs the Certified Motorcycle Mechanic program for the local technical college. The carb passed all tests and was certified in writing to be free of all defects with a quality rebuild. The customer still insisted it was our problem and tried to “guilt trip” us into buying his carbs for $250. When all else failed he sent us a letter requesting that I sell his carbs on ebay and split the profit with him. SOME PEOPLE JUST CAN’T BE SATISFIED. But we try harder than most… The second customer’s carbs were in fact rebuilt but he couldn’t seem to wait for parts and contract work (powder coating) which is beyond our control.

A rebuilt carburetor will solve a carburetor problem, NOT *all* your problems.

Common symptoms attributed to carburetor defects such as flooding, rough idle, stumbling on acceleration, backfiring and engine miss, may also be caused by the ignition system, vacuum leaks, valve problems, bad fuel, dirty or rusted gas tank and bad fuel or air filters. Proper carburetor performance can only be achieved if the other engine systems are functioning properly.

Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in the rebuilt carburetors we return to you after service. This warranty covers the carburetor for ninety days. Coverage is terminated if you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of the vehicle or you have someone else “work” on your carburetors. This means that if you take your carbs/bike to a mechanic or any other person to work on them, we become the sole decision maker regarding whether that voids your warranty. We recommend and understand that you may need to take your carbs to a mechanic to get them “fine-tuned” (on-bike synchronization, potential tweaking of air-mixture or pilot screws). We will work *with* your mechanic to resolve any problems with your carbs and we retain the sole right to be the exclusive remedy for correcting any carburetor problem. Once you or any other person messes with your carburetors beyond synch/screw adjustment, your warranty is VOID by your choosing. If you have doubts, questions, problems, suspected problems or any form of dis-satisfaction with your carbs, then return them to us. We will GLADLY re-evaluate them up to and including, as needed, complete dis-assembly and re-clearing and cleaning and anything else that may be needed.

We will repair, replace, exchange, adjust any defective rebuilt carburetor, at our option [not refund the purchase amount]

This warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect installation and/or tuning, abuse, mishandling, disassembly, accidents, fire damage, normal wear, ham-fisted amateur “tuning” or being the unfortunate recipient of the STOOPID gene. Owner of bike for which carburetors have been rebuilt is responsible for installing the carbs within 30 calendar days from return date of delivery from us. If you install the carbs, ride the bike, enjoy the work and then proceed to leave your bike/carbs sitting with fuel for a couple months, don’t contact us expecting warranty service. We’ll be glad to rebuild your carbs again at a discounted price – but not under our warranty. In other words, contact us within 30 days to advise of your concerns about the rebuild. We instituted this clause due to those who have attempted to have us repair the problems THEY created. We have no other way to ensure that the carbs are installed and tested within a reasonable amount of time.

We will not be responsible for labor charges, inconveniences, or any other expenses and incidental or consequential damages caused by the item.

You must return the carburetor to us postpaid with return postage label for the shipping agent of your choice (UPS, FEDEX, USPS).

This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All terms, policies and warranties are as stated and will not be waived or altered except by written authorization by us. All our carburetors pass stringent tests and have been per-adjusted for simplified installation.

((( No cash refunds )))

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